Pre-Collections Fall Winter 2020/21

Clerici Tessuto presents the Pre-Collections Fall Winter 2020/21 at Milano Unica – Moda In, from 9 to 11 July.

Collezione CLERICI TESSUTO – Hall 12 Stand E14
The collection develops with an eye to the excellence of the Clerici Tessuto Group. Lightweight materials for impalpable shirts and fluid dresses, alongside full-bodied fabrics, for jackets and precious coats.
In the solid colors section, silk and steel mixtures create natural crisp ultralight effects and a viscose cadì has a golden and iridescent frost to gently illuminate. On 100% pure silk targeted finishing treatments are used to move the surface and change the perception: an iridescent finish uses bi-color reflections to mimic the livery of the beetle, technical treatments give a super snappy hand on extremely feminine textures, golden details enlighten folds through a “froissè” effect on a pinkish basis.

The perfect blend of aesthetic with technical aspects is realized with jacquard in the form of bright silk/viscose on supern shiny duchesse with a colorful base and bright contrasting details. Lurex fil-coupè on an embossed armor make up a decò-inspired geometric theme that balances between density and transparency. The jacquard georgette has irregular stripes with vintage ribbon patterns in black and white. Floral-themed 3D surfaces in hot pink find light in gold lurex micro polka dots. Shiny turquoise fringed spots on a lawn green base identify a post-contemporary camouflage.
The inspiration of the palette comes from the golden age of surrealist fashion: the Schiapparelli Pink, the coral shades of lipsticks painted by Renè Gruau, the new neutrals: tea, coffee, colored grays.

Collezione INDUSTRY – Hall 12 Stand E14
INDUSTRY will be presenting at Blossom a collection divided between prints and jacquards developing 6 themes on 15 fabrics and 40 different patterns. The offer is mainly on technical blends and mixtures of cotton/viscose, wool/viscose, cotton/silk. Frosted and compact cottons, striking denim effects and polished-looking finishes with a sportswear touch doning a dynamic performance.
The decorative themes, inspired by the rich archives at Clerici Tessuto gives a distinctive vintage flavor in floral, more feminine patterns, ethnically inspired prints and animalier prints, both treated with a classic flavour and reworked through digital graphics. The camouflage theme evolves into tie-dye patterns and the toile de Jouy – explored by the French Houses on both accessories and outerwear, is translated into a jungle-effect jacquard.

Collezione New Tess – Hall 12 Stand E16
The New Tess collection, a dynamic and evolved proposal for contemporary brands, features jacquard fabrics and prints that define its DNA: visually the result is calibrated but impactful.
The themes developed are geometric like the regular checks of classic tartan and maxi dots or more romantic like florals, from the micro gipsy flowers to the more detailed botanical ones. Mixed micro and macro houndstooth work as a base or as decorative devices combined with paisley colorful patterns. The camouflage theme is reworked with the macula that morphs into small animals or flower buds. Ikat-inspired fabrics – typically summer patterns – are tinged with British hues through tartan-inspired palettes in grey, burgundy and blue.

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