Ninety years of luxury craftsmanship

Clerici Tessuto celebrates ninety years since its foundation. It is an important anniversary for a company that represents outstanding excellence in Como silk products around the world..

Founded as a small weaving factory with hand looms, Clerici Tessuto successfully diversified its production in the Nineties and thus became a leader, on the Italian and international scene, in the manufacture and sale of luxury fabrics for clothing, men’s and women’s accessories and home furnishings.

“The main distinctive feature and strength of Clerici Tessuto” – explained Alessandro Tessuto, present CEO – “is our ability to combine the complexity of the textiles industry with our ongoing expertise as luxury craftsmen. This means knowing how to skilfully combine tradition and research, technical skill, creativity and experimentation”.

This ninetieth anniversary takes on special importance owing to the fact that Sara Tessuto, Alessandro’s daughter, has joined the company as Communication Manager. With Sara, the company reaches its fourth generation and lays the foundations for the future.

“These first months in the company have enabled me to understand how much effort, dedication and passion for one’s work are fundamental in building a solid professional approach” – asserted Sara Tessuto –
“I hope to succeed in drawing on what my father and my grandparents before him have taught me in order to build up the same passion for a personal career that is in line with our family tradition, but that is also open to new market challenges and the continual exchange of ideas with my contemporaries.”

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