Production Chain

Product Creation

This is the heart of the company, the real outstanding element of Clerici Tessuto.

On a daily basis, more than 40 people work solely on the development of new products; a real mine of ideas, which take shape owing to the passion,

experience and skill of a close-knit team of fashion and industrial designers, technicians and chemists, who work together, compare ideas and experiment to offer innovative, original and extremely high quality products.

Dye Works

Ambrogio Pessina, an associate company of Clerici Tessuto, is a yarn cone and hank dye works, specialised in processing silk.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, it has a highly efficient sample laboratory, where in just a few hours it is possible to faithfully reproduce any colour on silk.

In order to respond rapidly and flexibly to internal and customer requests, the company also has a major silk yarn stock service for the products in highest demand, dyed an infinite number of colours, always available in stock.

Weaving and Warping

This is the manufacturing hub of Clerici Tessuto; on passing through the departments, from warping to the loom room, one can observe how the company’s creativity is transformed into the most incredible fabrics.

There is no other manufacturing process that controls so many highly complicated processes at the same time. Warping with the most diverse fibres, ranging from light silk organza with 160 threads per cm, to create fine satins, to warps in pure cashmere or pure gold lamé. There are jacquard looms in single or double height, which produce fabrics with pattern repeats of up to 150 cm, others that create wonderful velvets according to ancient techniques and others still that produce chiné fabrics.

All of this occurs simultaneously, on a daily basis, twenty-four hours a day. That which is an example of excellence for others, at CTC is business as usual. A large manufacturing system, with more than a hundred looms and five warping machines, an entirely computerised cycle from the launch of the jacquard designs to the fully automated warping management. Yet modernity has not yet betrayed the craftsmanship reflected in the rod looms for velvet or the use of an old warping machine with a wooden drum for preparing the finest chains.

The weaving factory is located on the same site as the Grandate headquarters and works closely with the other departments in order to provide a rapid and flexible response to internal and customer requests.

It has a state-of-the-art system made up of one hundred looms, half of which are jacquard looms with the most varied frames, allowing the creation of single and double height fabric from 12 to 250 threads per cm and pattern repeats of up to 150 cm.

The Clerici Tessuto weaving factory operates in a delicate balance between tradition and innovation.

It is a centre of excellence for weaving traditional chiné fabrics and the now extremely rare cut voided velvet, ancient and complex processes that create fabrics that are unique in quality and sophistication. Hand in hand with tradition goes ongoing research and experimentation into new techniques and yarns in order to ensure we always respond effectively to every new market trend.


Clerici Tessuto’s industrial print works allows the design of printed fabrics of any weight and in every known fibre: natural, artificial or synthetic.

Clerici Tessuto was also one of the first textiles companies to invest in digital printing.

The experiments date back to the Nineties and, with time, the experience we have built up has allowed us to achieve an outstanding level of excellence in quality digital printing. The preparation and finishing cycle completed on our proprietary systems guarantees perfect production control and the opportunity to achieve previously unseen “hands” and appearances.


Clerici Tessuto’s logistics hub covers an area of more than 3000 m². Fabrics from the manufacturing units are inspected, measured, weighed and classified on highly sophisticated and fully computerised fabric inspection machines.

Every single bolt is packed on an automatic packaging line.

Finished products, such as silk scarves, ties and scarves, on the other hand, are inspected manually one by one and then packaged, providing they are deemed up to standard for shipping.

Each new item undergoes strict quality control, carried out by the internal laboratory, with meticulous checks on appearance and colour, dimensional stability after washing, light and washing fastness and with dynamometric tests of resistance and stitch durability.

At the end of this process, every single bolt shipped is accompanied by an information sheet giving details of its manufacturing history, characteristics and imperfections.

Stock Service / Outlet

new tess, which is based in Milan at 9, Via Montevideo, is a converter for small and medium garment makers around the world and is the Clerici Tessuto outlet.

It is open to the public and to couture houses and offers a vast selection of solid colour and patterned fabrics and a stock service of ready prepared items in silk, wool, cotton, linen and microfiber, updated on a seasonal basis, in more than 700 colours, always available in stock.

Visit new tess online store:

The outlet, which is well-known and renowned among the Milanese couture houses and ladies that like to able to select the fabrics personally to have their clothes made to measure, is now much visited by young fashion designers from the Milan fashion schools, who come on their own or with their teachers to observe, touch, select and gain inspiration for their designs.

Filo d’Oro

Clerici Tessuto is a founding partner of Filo d’Oro, a textile value chain of excellence in the Como silk district, able to monitor and guarantee all stages of the production process: from the processing of silk cocoons to the production of fabrics for apparel and home furnishings.

One of the first steps taken by Filo d’Oro was the creation of a chemical laboratory that performs both a research function and activity of the dyer and is a business development and research needed for product innovation.

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The other companies in the group Filo d’Oro are as follows:

  • Gruppo Ambrogio Pessina, Comofil and Tintoria Filati Portichetto that operate and are involved in the manufacture of yarns, from natural fibers and synthetic and artificial sources, covering all stages of pre- and post-dyeing, such as the preparation, winding, the retouching, the quality control of production;
  • TOT stock service yarns of natural, artificial and synthetic;
  • G.T. 2000, specializing in warping yarn filaments and innovative technology;
  • Tessitura Taborelli, a leading manufacturer of jacquard fabrics, solids, greige and yarn dyed fabrics;
  • Iride, specializing in the dyeing of fabrics made of mixed fibers (silk, linen, cotton, viscose) and study of finishes to give the fabrics particular hands and aspects;
  • Torcitura Ongetta, specializing in the twisting of silk;
  • Sara Ink, printing mill from the group Clerici Tessuto.