Clerici Tessuto Pre-Collections SS 2021

The Spring Summer 2021 pre-collections are inspired by a return to Mother Nature where plant fibers such as linen and cotton are blended with silk to create effects and irregularities that look deliberately raw and natural without taking away the value of the Clerici Tessuto refined production.

The research starts from the raw material that is selected, certified and meets sustainability and traceability criteria. The effect is natural and dry-handed; the linen and silk mix combine sustainability with the quality level characteristic of the Clerici Fabric production.

The tussah silk “Red Eri”, made from a silkworm that came out of the cocoon and therefore not sacrificed for the realization of the yarn, has naturally orange hue because the diet of the worm is made with fig leaves, thus obtaining a typical shade referred to as “Ghandi’s silk.”

A discontinuous thread produced with a GOTS certified silk and linen mix, obtains materials with an irregular surface, enhancing its preciousness through inserts of metal wires and golden lurex.

The 100% bio-based EVOH nylon produced by using the castor oil plant generates a package of solid colors group with a weaving base characterized by movement. The production of yarn requires little water for cultivation and is not used for animal feed, effectively widening the ethical theme of sustainability production.

Alongside naturalness, a lightness theme has been developed with fil coupe techniques produced on a transparent and impalpable organza base. Romantic linen and silk mix has a vivid seersucker effect.

In the solid colours section, the core of the collection – always made of pure silk or mixed linen silk and cotton silk – the naturalness is expressed through relief textures and tactile effects on a palette of white, ivory, hemp, lilac, pink and soft green juxtaposed with unexpected fluorescent hues.

INDUSTRY Collection
The first seasonal proposal of the Industry collection comes in 5 different themes that interpret the double soul, refined and natural of the new textile trends for the 2021 season. Prints and jacquards are divided into two main trends, one more materic and natural, where the linen/silk, cotton/silk and linen/cotton mixtures offer subtly rustic moving surfaces and effects, and a second one, lighter and dedicated to eveningwear, enlighted by bright yarns such as lurex and refined fil coupe techniques.

The themes developed in the collection are the romantic FLOREALE swinging between botanical and the Victorian style, ANIMALIER where the natural livery of the animals is modified by digital reworkings, ETNICO with references between Africa and Mexico with decisive colors and patterns, TROPICALE where rich foliage and zoological references have been treated by in-house illustrators and last but not least a TIE&DYE theme with delavè and washed down colors, used as a vintage inspired base for printed patterns.

The part of the united is defined by an evening theme with inserts of lurex yarn and metallic effects that illuminates fabrics suitable for the evening and party dresses.

Look for Clerici Tessuto Spring 2021 Pre-Collections at VIEW Premium Selection, December 3rd and 4th, Stand 05 – Hall C and Blossom Premiere Vision, December 11th and 12th, at Stand B12.

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