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The classics

Made up of more than 200 solid colour fabrics, this is the essence of Clerici Tessuto. Some of the great classics like Satin Duchesse and various weights of Taffeta have made up part of the range since the company was founded in 1922.

The almost one hundred years of experience that we have gained in the manufacture of some of these marvellous fabrics is the main guarantee of their unparalleled quality.

The collection is updated with each new season with the inclusion of new ideas that represent outstanding excellence in the world of luxury, in terms of both quality and innovation.

Collection Clerici Tessuto

This is the fashion collection for the luxury and prêt-à-porter markets; it brings together classic and contemporary fabrics. This collection is highly imaginative and experiments with new finishing techniques and new yarns, featuring unique originality in the patterns and uncompromising research into quality.

Printing gives the ultimate finishing touch to the collection with highly original patterns and options, yet without moving away from the classic approach typical of Como silk printing..

Collection BROCHIER Paris

BROCHIER Paris represents the excellence of Como silk materials with a collection which revisits tradition with maximum luxury and refinement, devised for a clientele that makes elegance a –way-of being.

Brochier Paris wants to be a revival of high italian and french handicraft. High-quality materials, not industrially producible, handicraft techniques, finishing, structures of the ’50s, resume life thanks to a very accurate research work and to a true love for a textile world which does not exist any more.

Collection Industry

This is a collection dedicated to large-scale retail, designed and created with the experience and skill of the Clerici Tessuto facilities, drawing its essence from the incredible and immense company archive.

Collection Tex Homme

Tex Homme is a line of fabrics for men’s clothing, Clerici Tessuto & C. S.p.A., created to satisfy the most sophisticated of needs in the current men’s fashion world.

Combining the craftsmanship, tradition and excellence of Como Silk with research, innovated yarns and weaving techniques, it wanted to create a collection that represents the lightness and comfort that can be applied to a men’s wardrobe.

With the weaving of yarns in pure silk with wool , cotton, linen and nylon elasticized yarns produces extremely fine fabrics, but three-dimensional, allowing the creation of men’s jackets that are extremely light.

Ample space is given to the worldly component: silk interwoven with lame and nylon to obtain a shiny / matte effect that unequivocally reflect the tradition and the refinement of Clerici Tessuto & C. S.p.A.

An important component of the collection are printed fabrics. The most interesting items are cotton canvas, tropical wool and cotton / cashmere jersey.

The collection finally presents the coat weights, revisiting the Scottish and English classics, luxuriously adding silk yarns, wool and cashmere and Egyptian cottons.

Underwear and Beachwear

Underwear and Beachwear Collection

Young and modern, is a collection of lycra, silk and polyester fabrics intended for the most important producers of Intimate apparel and Beachwear fashion.
A large proposal of swim and resortwear fabrics such as tulle, micromodal, charmeuse, jersey with different


structures and weights suitable for all styles, which answers to a market that over the last few years has seen a growth of coordinating products complimentary to the bathing suit, offering more versatile proposals.


Men’s and Women’s Accessories

The men’s and women’s accessories division designs and makes silk scarves, scarves and ties and the highest quality.

The presence of the entire production chain within the company allows the division to support its clients in every phase of the creative and manufacturing process: from developing the design on paper, to the selection of yarns and making of the finished garment.

The men’s and women’s accessories division works with top international fashion designers, both in the manufacturing and distribution of women’s silk and ordinary scarves and for scarves and ties for men.

It also holds the exclusive licence for the following brands:

  • Church’s
  • Fabio Ferretti

Home Furnishing

Luna Home

Luna Home is the home furnishing division of Clerici Tessuto; it creates and manufactures solid colour, jacquard and printed fabrics for industrial clients.

Luna Home is known around the world for the excellence of its yarns and processing, its ability to produce complex items and its continuous research and innovation.

Luna Home fabrics are a byword for creativity, extreme luxury, sophistication and elegance.

With the Clerici Tessuto production chain, Luna Home is able to respond flexibly to each client request, even the most complex, offering a product that skilfully combines tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and experimentation.


BROCHIER creates and produces top of the range interior decoration fabrics, well-known all over the world for their sophistication, elegance and the quality of their yarns.

Started in the early 900’s in France, it was acquired by Clerici Tessuto S.p.A. in 2007.

BROCHIER collection can be found in the most prestigious showrooms all over the world and is sold through a global net of distributors and agents.

BROCHIER offers a wide range of fabrics, colours and matchings: fine silks, large printed and jacquard fabrics, soft velvets, brocades and damasks, made of natural fibres or special technical yarns such as Trevira CS..

Visit BROCHIER website and browse our online catalogue.

Outstanding Products


Clerici Tessuto is one of the last factories in the world able to weave traditional chinè fabrics.

Chinè fabrics are special fabrics created based on hand printed warps and then hand woven on specially constructed looms.

The result is what is known as a “canovaccio”, which means a warp, woven with a “fake” weft and looks like a mesh. The product is then hand printed and then put back onto the loom, where, once the fake weft has been eliminated, with delicate hand removal of the thread, it is woven traditionally in order to achieve the classic effect of a print with indefinite outlines.

Cut voided velvet

In our uncompromising quest for quality, at Clerici Tessuto we have renovated some historic looms that allow weaving, according to the most ancient tradition, “on a rod”, wonderful silk velvets of unparalleled quality.

By contrast to the velvet that is generally commercially available, this traditional technique allows the both the cutting and voiding of the velvet, giving a more dynamic and elegant effect.

Few machines remain in the world today that allow the weaving of such fine velvet, hence the “rod looms” represent the highest expression of Clerici Tessuto craftsmanship.