Ikat / Chiné, decorating textiles


Clerici Tessuto is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Ikat / Chiné, decorating textiles, on November 20th 2014 at 6.30 pm, at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti.

The exhibition of the Museo Studio del Tessuto presents two textiles decorative techniques that identify beautiful designs with blurred-contour.
In the ikat technique, the blurred-contour patterns are obtained through the reserve dyeing of warp yarns and their subsequent weaving. Reserve dyeing allows the colour to penetrate only in some areas of the yarns, while others are protected by a waterproof binder. The yarns are dyed according to the given pattern and these operations are repeated depending on the number of colours of the pattern.

In the eighteenth century, France took up the ikat technique and called it chiné.
Starting from nineteen century – in order to reduce production time and costs without sacrificing the charm of the blurred effect – the direct printing of warp yarns substituted the reserve dyeing.

The chiné is now a pride of some Como manufactures – and specifically Clerici Tessuto – who have lent warp-printed fabrics, made in recent decades to meet the needs of international haute couture houses.

For more information regarding the exhibition: https://www.fondazioneratti.org/

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