Innovation and tradition: block printing

Exclusive to Premiere Vision, Clerici Tessuto presented at its stand a demonstration of the ancient technique of printing on fabrics with “planche”, wood blocks.

The “planche”, belonging to the Clerici Tessuto archive, are pads of wood in which are fixed many pieces of brass, shaped appropriately and combined to form the desired pattern. These brass pieces were drawn in many types of shapes: round, square, star, heart-shaped, half moon. Used like nails, they were hammered into the wood forming the lines of the drawing. Once ready, the “planche” were stained with ink and then stamped onto the fabric.

It is an ancient technique no longer being used with the industrial revolution, but guarded by the oldest companies like Clerici Tesssuto.

With the new Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, Clerici Tessuto has a modern interpretation of this ancient technique: some designs are shot typical of the period, putting them into repeat and enhancing the features of the artisanal craftsmanship that are distinguishing.

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