Meet Clerici Tessuto at IdeaBiella

Clerici Tessuto presents the new Tex Homme Fall / Winter 17/18 collection at IdeaBiella, STAND 20B10.

Entering the Tex Homme stand at IdeaBiella means immersing yourself in the emotional space created by designer Antonio Matozzo, where the creative idea becomes matter and the material becomes a finished garment.

A rich and inspiring collection, featuring six worlds of style: Orsetto Coats, Tight Stripe Coats, Up Loaded Denim, Ontario Rocks, Camou Club and Funny Skulls.

The dominant theme and main source of inspiration are the woods and its most important inhabitant: the bear, found in the Ontario Rocks world (weaving and printing), Orsetto Coats (weaving) and Camou Club (printing).

Top quality denim becomes fabric for suits and coats with Up Loaded Denim.

Funky Skulls is a print theme inspired by the world of tattoos and bikers.

Tight Stripes Coats offers classic tight trouser stripes in thicker weights, from overcoat to coat.

The collection is completed with ultra light fabrics, presented in innovative and exclusive solutions, both yarn dyed and prints:

  • Typically masculine blends, such as mohair and silk wool, become extremely comfortable thanks to the addition of an imperceptible percentage of lycra;
  • Classic themes, such as chevronne, are proposed on printed grounds to a very high quality level, thus obtaining fabrics that look like jacquard but have an unimaginable lightness for traditional loom work;
  • Super classic clothes, such as blue coats or jackets, become unique thanks to the combination of original printed lining.
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